Our Values

We offer high-quality, high-performance products at very competitive prices.

We embrace original ideas and fresh ways of looking at the world. We draw on these to build and evolve our offerings.

We believe in living life to the fullest, with a spirit of adventure, a passion for leisure, and a desire to explore.

Our Team

Marc Therriault, Owner

Being a boating enthusiast myself, I believe in creating simple, high-quality solutions so I can spend less time worrying about the details of my boat and more time focused on my family and leisure time.

Our Approach

We like to encourage everyone to make the most of their summer by living an active, outdoor lifestyle. We do that by selling simple, high-quality solutions to common dinghy and sea-doo storage issues. We strive to match our client’s with davit solutions that suit their needs. But we offer more than products we create, we offer our passion as well. We love to share our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm with our community.